Last week, the longstanding rumor that Sony is going to release a more powerful game console in the form of a “Playstation 4.5” has been confirmed as the company said they are going to release the Playstation Neo.

The Playstation Neo is a game console specifically geared for virtual gaming. They are going to be releasing their Playstation VR headsets this October which should give gamers an immersive experience when playing with their Playstation 4. And, it would further be enhanced when they Playstation Neo will be released.

The upcoming Playstation Neo is geared towards improving the current generation Playstation 4 when it comes to Virtual Reality gaming. Sony and Microsoft are committed to bringing VR gaming to the fore.

But, the question after the announcement is, will Playstation 4 owners have to buy the Playstation Neo to truly enjoy VR gaming? Is the PS4 going to be obsolete when the PS Neo comes?

In a recent announcement, President of Sony Worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, said that the current Playstation 4 owners need not worry as the Playstation Neo is just an incremental upgrade and it should not blow the Playstation 4 away as it is still part of the current generation of their game consoles.

Yoshida went on to say that the current Playstation 4 is still going to be alive as the Playstation Neo is still, technically, a Playstation 4 with some improvements.

He also added that the current Playstation 4 is powerful enough to support VR gaming, although, the Playstation Neo will further enhance the experience.

Hopefully, this would put the fears of the current PS4 owners to rest as their game console is still relevant even when the Playstation Neo releases.

In other news, Yoshida lauded Microsoft’s efforts of announcing the Xbox One’s successor, the “Xbox Scorpio”.

The Scorpio will be more powerful than Xbox One. So powerful, in fact, that the Xbox Scorpio will be 4x more powerful than its predecessor.

But, Scorpio will not be released this year as the company said in the recently concluded E3 2016 event that they will be releasing the new game console sometime next year.

There is something to be happy about since Microsoft will be releasing an upgrade of the Xbox One known as the “Xbox One S”. The Xbox One S sports a slimmer form factor and it is able to play 4K resolution videos at 30fps.

Sony was, in fact, surprised with Microsoft’s decision to reveal the Xbox Scorpio during the event. Though, Sony opted not to focus on the Playstation Neo and instead, focused their efforts on the upcoming games.

Many gaming authorities praised their move as the company can focus more on the content and less on the platform, at least, for now.

So to recap, the current PS4 will still be relevant and it does support VR gaming. The Playstation VR headset will be released on October 13, 2016 and the Playstation Neo will probably be released next year.