Japanese RPGs deserve a sub-genre if you will. That is because unlike western-made role-playing games, Japanese RPG games are more centered on the story as opposed to the gameplay elements.

This is not to say that JRPGs have horrible gameplay, but this is just to iterate that I the plot elements of JRPGs are more in-depth.

In today’s article, I will talk about an original PS2 game that was later ported to the Nintendo 3DS. This game is called “Tales of the Abyss”.

This game, as you may have noticed, is part of the “Tales RPGs” franchise and this particular game was created by the Namco Tales Studio.

The story follows the main character, Luke fon Fabre. Luke was suffering from amnesia and he got it ever since he was kidnapped.

One night, he came across Tear Grants, the sister of Van Grants. Van Grants is Luke’s mentor and he is the one who taught Luke how to fight with a sword.

Apparently, Tear Grants wants to assassinate his brother for reasons that Van was betraying the Oracle Nights.

Unfortunately, there was a chain reaction when both Luke and Tear met, resulting in them being teleported to a foreign land.

They were teleported to Malkuth, a land that is currently at war with the Kimlascan forces (Kimlasca is the hometown of Luke).

There, Luke and Tear met Jade Curtiss and Fon Master Ion. Colonel Jade Curtiss holds a big rank on the Malkuth forces.

After learning that Luke was a noble in Kimlasca, he immediately pleaded Luke to help him stop the Kimlasca-Malkuth war by telling the ruler of Kimlasca to withdraw his forces from the land of Malkuth.

Upon returning to Kimlasca, Luke met with his childhood friend, Guy Cecil, and both of them went to the ruler of Kimlasca.

The King said that before they could pull out their forces from Malkuth, they have to get rid of the Miasma in Akzeriuth, a place situated in the middle of Kimlasca and Malkuth.

In order to neutralize the Miasma, Luke must use his hyper-resonance ability. But, after doing so, he blew up Akzeriuth instead.

Blaming himself for his actions, Luke vows to rectify his faults and promises Tear that he will change for the better. Apparently, that would not be simple as Luke will find out that he is actually just a clone.

The Tales of the Abyss Game for the Nintendo 3DS is rich in plot and I am very happy that I played this game when it was still available on the PS2 game console.

The battle system of the Tales of the Abyss Game for the Nintendo 3DS is similar to that of Tales of Symphonia. It employs the “Flex Range Linear Motion Battle System” and the battle is played in real-time.

During battles, you can freely move in a linear fashion on the battlefield. You can attack, defend, or even perform skills.

There are four characters that can be used in combat. Luke will always be a member of the battle team but you can choose the other three members as you see fit.

The other members of the team will be controlled by the AI but you have the option to play as other characters as well. Originally, you will be controlling Luke. But, if you want to try Jade, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

The Tales of the Abyss Game for the Nintendo 3DS is another amazing “Tales” game and one that you should consider playing if you have the Nintendo 3DS.